Dalian Metro Map, China

Dalian Metro

History of Qingqi

The recognition of Metro is on the increase in China (owing to their handiness and economical rates) and the city of Dalian, Liaoning is no exception.

Qinggui or Dalian Metro kicked off on the 1st of May in the year 2003.
The scheme presently in action comprises 4 lines:

  • Line 1 (M1)
  • Line 2 (M2)
  • Line R2
  • Line 3

Subsequent to 1950, Dalian confronted a soaring degree of community escalation. Owing to its locality, civilizing legacy and hauling it fascinated local and far-off intimates, showing the way to a rising number of vehicles and buses. Consequent to overpowering monetary and blinkered hindrances, the erection of Dalian Metro commenced on the earliest line in September 2000. October 2002 observed the test launch of the earliest line, which was positioned into complete business in May 2003. 28th of December scored the commencements of its complete commuter function.


Dalian Metro

Lines and stations

Existing lines in relevance are as follows:
Line 1 (M1) links east southeast central Dalian with north Dalian; it has 22 subway stations.
Line 2 (M2) is shaped like the alphabet C and links east central Dalian with west central Dalian. It has 29 subway stations.
Line R2 or Tram Route 202 Extension Line, links central Dalian with Lüshunkou. It has 8 stations from west to east.
Line 3 (R3) or Jinzhou Eastern Line, links the Dalian Development region and Jinshitan with Dalian city hub. It is a winding line, frequently high or at gradient, and courses from the Dalian Railway Station to Jinshitan Station. The metro line commencing at the city center close to the Dalian railway station courses through five organizational quarters of the city and performs as a fast conveyance between the northern (budding) section and the city center. The line stretches northward to Golden Pebble Beach —– a public picturesque park fifty kilometer from the city center. A subdivision itinerary was set off in the year 2008 and this line links central Dalian with Jinzhou with 7 stations from south to north. This line commences at Kaifuqu Station and extends northwest finishing at Jiuli Station.

Upcoming extensions of Dalian Metro Service

The contemporary 202 kilometre set of connections is being extended to an upcoming overall total of 820 kilometres. After some years, the ensuing lines are to come into facility:
Line 1: Hekou – Convention Centre
Line 2: Dalian North Railway Station – Xinzhaizi
Jinzhou-Puwan Intercity Railway: Shisanli – Zhenxing Road
Trains will in future directly connect with Line 3
Currently Line 1 is still being planned, and Line 2 is even now being lengthened. A latest direct railway form Jinshan to Puwan is also being constructed, and extensions to Line 1 and the Jinshan-Puwan express railway, absolutely latest lines 4, 5, 7 and Rapid Metro Line 1 are being premeditated. The majority of these will be complete by the year 2020.

Hours of operation

The main line operates between 06:30 am till 18:30pm
The subdivision line operates between 06:00 till 18:00pm
The major ticket offices in the city are as follows:

  • i. No. 713, Jiefang Road, Zhongshan region (Close to Tiger Beach Ocean Park)
  • ii. No. 578, Zhongshan Road, Shahekou (Close to Xinghai Square)
  • iii. No. 1-101, No. 23, Lingxiu Road, High Technology Industry Park (Dalian University of Technology)
  • iv. No. 151, Shunle Street, Lushun region

Fares, tickets, cards

The minimum tariff between two stations is 1 Yuan
The tariff between further than two stations is 2 Yuan.
The complete tariff amid Dalian Station and Golden Pebble Beach is 8 Yuan
The tariff amid Dalian Station and Jiuli is 7 Yuan
The Pearl Card is the name given to a low-cost, monthly chip card.

Connection to the airport or other transports

Positioned around 10 kilometers northwest of the Dalian city, the Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport performs as a vital hauling center in the Bohai region. It is around 10kilometers from Dalian Railway Station, 5kilometers from the Shenyang-Dalian expressway and 35kilometers from Lushun. 30 worldwide itineraries link Dalian to more than 30 metropolitans in 14 nations. Also, there are 69 national air travels from Zhoushuizi intercontinental Airport, approximately 10 kilometers northwest of the city center, taking travelers to the majority of the chief Chinese cities.

Airport Hauling

Transfer amid the airport and the city center is quite well-situated. Taxi service is accessible external to the airport. A taxi requires around 10 minutes reaching from the airport to the city center at an expenditure of 20 Yuan.
Customary airport buses depart for the city center subsequent to the arrival of each flight. A solitary ticket is 5 Yuan.
In the city center, buses depart for the airport from the Civil Aviation Building at No. 143, Zhongshan Lu, Xigang region.


The bottom line

Dalian is up to this time identified as a trendy target among local travelers and far-off guests, particularly from Russia, Japan and South Korea. Its easygoing weather and various shores along with its significance in the contemporary memoirs of China have always fascinated the sightseers.
At present it has supplemented one more plus point to its pool — the Dalian Metro System, which is a cause of dignity, undeniably for the city to have arrived with a venture planned and implemented so effectively. Dalian Metro is definitely going to be one of the best man-made wonders.

Dalian Metro Map

Dalian Metro Map, China

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